Prevention and Healthcare Savings

Tobacco use places a massive burden on the Vermont economy, costing the state $348 million in direct healthcare expenditures each year.  Comprehensive statewide tobacco prevention programs result in significant decreases in smoking rates by increasing the number of people who quit and decreasing smoking uptake by current nonsmokers.  These reductions in smoking rates save thousands of people from smoking-related illness and death, and result in substantial healthcare savings.  In fact, a 1% decrease in smoking per year for five years would save an estimated 2,200 children and 5,900 adults from premature smoking-related death.  The following fact sheet outlines the projected cost savings and health benefits from investing in tobacco prevention programs. 

Projected Cost Savings and Health Benefits from Vermont Making Adequate Investments to Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use

Comprehensive Statewide Tobacco Prevention Programs Save Money (PDF)