Additional Resources

Quitting Smoking: Why To Quit and How To Get Help – Information from the National Cancer Institute on health problems caused by smoking, immediate and long-term benefits of quitting smoking, and other common questions associated with smoking, health, treatment medications, and how to quit.

Helping a Smoker Quit: Do’s and Dont’s – Let your loved ones support you in quitting. The American Cancer Society provides tips for friends and family to helped loved ones through the process of quitting.

Tobacco Information and Prevention Source – The CDC provides information about the health effects of tobacco and resources to quit.

Center for Tobacco Free Kids – Information of the toll of tobacco on children and adults in America.

Nicotine Addiction – Addiction research and facts about the dangers of nicotine from the

American Lung Association – Answers to questions about quitting, what happens to the body when you quit, and practical solutions to help you quit.

My Last Dip – A web-based Smokeless Tobacco Cessation Project.

*Special thanks to Tobacco Free Maine for sharing their resources